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At Johnstone High School we are always aiming to deliver courses in more interesting and innovative ways and to widen access to he subject across all abilities. The site also aims to encourage young people to develop ownership of their own learning by enabling them to progress with confidence.

As part of meeting these aims, we are in the process of placing all our courses on line. These include all courses notes, practical and homework exercises necessary for the successful completion of the course. It also includes an extensive collection of 'How To' movies that lead people step by step through practical exercises.

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Introduction Courses:

Introduces the most basic and essential ICT skill of word processing. Here you will get the opportunity of creating, saving and editing files. You will also learn how to use tables and discover ways of including graphics in your word processed documents.

Computing Standard Grade:

This is the main course for pupils in S3 and S4 and this section covers all aspects of the SQA Standard Grade course, ranging from Industrial Applications to Programming. Each topic is accompanied with a range of practical and homework exercises. The marked homework is available on line. There are an extensive range of summary notes, Powerpoint presentations and worked examples. A series of Past Papers are also available.

Information Systems Intermediate II:

Intermediate 2 Information systems covers database systems, using information and the internet. This course provides an ideal basis for pupils who wish to study Informations Systems at Higher level in S6.

Information Systems Higher:

At Higher Level, Information Systems covers relational database systems, using information and expert systems. The course has a good balance between theory and practical work which is emphasised with the coursework task which provides 30% of the overall mark for the course.

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