Internet - File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol allows an Internet user to send (or receive) copies of files from or to different computer systems or networks. FTP can be used to download large text documents, graphic, music and video files. It is often used to upload web pages from the client’s own computer to the Internet host.

The user must log onto the FTP host computer by supplying a user identification and password

There are many different FTP software packages.  Most web companies, such as Google and Lycos, offer their own FTP software, which allows web authors to upload web pages to their servers.

If you have used the World Wide Web, it is very likely that you have downloaded image or music files. Your browser software probably asked if you wanted to save the file to disk. The file would then be downloaded to your computer system using FTP.

Virus protection and software updates use FTP.  Companies such as Microsoft, McAfee and Norton use FTP to download the latest versions of their software to the client’s computer. In many cases, the updating is transparent – the user will be unaware that new files are being downloaded.

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