Internet or Intranet

The Internet – the network of networks – is used to pass information around the world using browser software, search engines, computers, telephone lines, satellites, modems and service providers. Anyone can put information onto the Internet. As such, there is no control over the information which is on the Internet. That information may be correct, or wrong, or even offensive. The Internet is a type of wide area network (WAN).

An intranet is a type of local area network (LAN), used by organisations like schools, businesses, hospitals, government bodies or agencies. It is a bit like a miniature World Wide Web, using computers, Internet browser software and a web server to provide information internally to the organisation, generally as web pages. The information which is held on an Intranet is strictly controlled and relates to an organisation’s needs. Access to it is usually restricted to that organisation. Intranets may connect to other intranets and to the Internet.









Since the Internet and intranets use the same software and hardware, it is quite easy to link an intranet to the Internet. Moving between such networks should be straightforward.

Do not confuse LANs and intranets.

It is likely that you have used the school’s network to run different applications, like a word processor or spreadsheets, with your data being stored on a file server. This is a LAN and not an Intranet. Intranets use Internet technology to allow users to interact with them in the same way as you would with the Internet.

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