Internet - Web tools

These tools allow the author to create an interactive interface, such as a submission form

Hyperlink tool

The hyperlink tool allows authors to create hyperlinks easily.

Scripting tools

These tools allow the user to create client-side scripts. An author can use these tools to write JavaScript or Visual Basic Script that allows for the sending and receiving of data to and from the web server.

Save as web page

Once the author has created a page, it must be saved as a web page

Now that you have browsed the Internet and looked at a number of different websites, it is time to make your own.

Your first website will consist of three web pages, all hyperlinked together.

As web pages need to be displayed on different types of computer systems running different operating systems and using different web browser software, web page files need to be relatively simple.

Website map

A website map shows the structure of a website. The map shows how the web pages are linked together.

My Home Page

Notice how My Home Page is linked to the other two other web pages. Also notice that My Interests and My Favourite TV are not linked directly.




Copy over the folder 'My Website' from the Internediate II folder on the server.

Download and follow the instructions on Worksheet 15.




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