Internet - Constructing a Web Site

You can view a website in one of two ways:

•  using a browser
•  using authoring software.


In order to browse the Internet, you need a piece of software called a web browser, like Internet Explorer.

When you view, or more correctly, browse a website, you can interact with the website and read the information it contains. You cannot change the information that you view.

Authoring software

To author or edit a website, you need authoring software.

You are only allowed to edit your own site; you will not be allowed to change other people’s websites.

There are three types of authoring software:

•  text editors (e.g. Notepad), where you have to write all the code
•  document creation software with web authoring plug-ins (e.g. Microsoft Word;  
•  specialised web authoring software (e.g. Macromedia Dreamweaver).

Using a text editor to write HTML gives an author a lot of control but it is much harder than using more specialised software. One also requires full knowledge of HTML.

The introductory exercises that follow use Microsoft Word, which has a web design facility. In order to complete the tasks, you may use your own choice of web authoring software.

Most web authoring software is icon-based, and includes the following facilities:

•   web tools
•   hyperlink tools
•   scripting tools
•   save as web page.

The author selects from the various icons to create a web page. No need to learn HTML!




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