Internet - Viruses

The Computer Misuse Act makes it an offence to cause damage to a computer system by distributing a computer virus.

•   Computer viruses spread from one computer to another.
•   Viruses can cause harm to your computer system.
•   You may lose everything on your computer.
•   Your computer may stop working.

•   The virus might be sending information about you to other people

How do you get viruses?

1. If you are connected to the Internet, then you are at risk of getting a virus. Viruses are often sent as e-mail attachments, which you are instructed to download.

2. You might get a copy of a game from one of your pals, which has a virus attached to the game.

How do I protect myself?

The only way is to have virus protection software running on your computer system. This software is only as good as the information that it contains. If the anti-virus software is a month or two out of date, then it is useless. Anti-virus companies like McAfee and Norton use automatic FTP updates.




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