Internet - E-mail


Electronic mail is another service supported by the Internet. E-mail allows users to send messages to one another. Each user has a mailbox into which e-mail is dropped. User’s can also attach files to their e-mail. An attachment can be any type of data file, ranging from text documents to graphics files


Client-based e-mail

Client-based e-mail uses the standard e-mail protocols of SMTP and POP. E-mail software, such as Microsoft Outlook Express, allows the user to send and receive e-mail messages.

Once the user/client is connected to the server, they need to request that all e-mail messages be downloaded from the server to their own computer. Once the e-mail messages have been downloaded, the client can read the message.

Web-based e-mail

Web-based e-mail uses the standard HTTP protocol to send and receive e-mails. Microsoft Hotmail is a commonly used web-based e-mail system.

Web-based e-mail does not require any specialised e-mail software. Instead, the user reads their e-mail using a web browser. Provided that the user is connected to the WWW, they can send and receive e-mails. This means that a user can connect to their web-based e-mail account from any computer system.

All web-based e-mail messages are held on the web server. The user reads the messages straight from the server.






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