Information Systems


Information and its associated technologies have an increasingly important role in many aspects of modern life. The purpose of this course is to develop your IT skills and provide you with knowledge and experience of modern information systems such as the Internet.

The course is therefore useful for a wide range of career paths as well as contributing to your general education and personal development.


This Course has two mandatory Units and one optional Unit:

Mandatory Units:

  • Database - This unit introduces you to database software and you have the opportunity to design and implement a simple database system.
  • Using Information - this unit develops the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of information and information systems to allow you to use a database to solve problems in a range of applications areas.


While While entry is at the discretion of the centre, candidates would normally be expected to have attained one of the following, or equivalent:


This Course or its Units may provide progression in the following way:


To achieve the Course award the candidate must pass the Units as well as the Course assessment. The candidate’s grade is based on the Course assessment.

Each Unit has 2 assessments:

In addition a candidates must pass a Coursework assessment in order to gain an overall award.

The Coursework is based on the two compulsory Units of work.

Candidates must also undertake a pre-lim paper (normally sat in January/February)and the main exam in May.


This Intermediate course gives automatic certification in the Core Skills of Information Technology, Critical Thinking, Planning and Organising and Reviewing and Evaluating at Intermediate 2 level.

Intermediate 2 Information Systems counts for the following points under UCAS:



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