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Social, ethical and legal issues

Whilst many people are concerned about the issues raised previously, other viewpoints regarding the growth of computer use in general on moral and ethical grounds exist:

  • are computers eroding the quality of life?
  • are many of the personal details stored in databases unnecessary?
  • are computers widening the gap between rich and poor nations?
  • How relevant are computers in homes when millions of people are starving and live in extremely poor conditions?
  • What benefit can there be in advanced telecommunications systems and Electronic Funds Transfer when millions of people do not even have bank accounts?
  • Will modern communications systems mean that less human contact is experienced?
  • Whilst we are dealing with large powerful databases, half of the world will not know how to use a telephone.
  • Unknown to us, decisions are being made because vast amounts of information are being dispersed electronically,
  • iIs demographic software (identification by postcodes) placing people in social classes?
  • How are professionals such as teachers, lawyers, doctors and police dealing with the information they have stored on large databases?




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