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Data dictionary

A data dictionary is simply a table that lists the fields of each table in a data model, together with the properties of each field. The data dictionary is important because this information can then be used to create a database for the data model using any chosen RDBMS

An example of a Data Dictionary is shown below:

Entity Attribute Key Data Type Format/Validation
DVD DVD Code Primary Key Number (Integer) Presence Check
  Film Code Foreign Key Number (Integer) Presence Check/Restricted Choice
  Cost   Number (Integer) Presence Check/ Currency/Range check >=1 and <=3
MEMBER Member ID Primary Key Integer Presence Check
  Title   Text Presence Check/ Restricted Choice - Miss, Mrs, Mr, Other
  Forename   Text Presence Check
  Surname   Text Presence Check

Note the data type for Number is shown as an Integer.

The 3 main validation checks are:

A quick and easy way to remember them is to remember the initial letters PRR (think aout purring like a cat!)

Click here to download exercises on creating data dictionary. Use the same layout as above and show each exercise to your teacher before moving on to the next one




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