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Database NAB 1 – Multiple Choice

Your teacher will give you instructions to complete this NAB when you are ready to do so. You have to gain 12 marks out of 20 to pass this NAB.

Evidence for Database Assessment NAB2.

In order to produce evidence for the practical Assessment in database unit download the instructions and complete the exercise to the best of your ability. Click here to download.

Remember this evidence will be assessing your practical skills in the Database unit – you must pass this to allow you to gain a pass in the Database Unit.




The practical coursework task provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate and integrate the practical skills, knowledge and understanding from the Units, and apply these in a more complex
practical context.

Candidates will undertake a practical coursework task provided by SQA. The task may be undertaken in ‘open book’ conditions, but under supervision, to ensure that the work presented is the candidate’s own work. The task will be marked internally, using a marking scheme provided by SQA, but be subject to moderation. The marking scheme will provide a mark out of 30, which will be submitted directly to SQA.

In order to prepare for the coursework task you will be able to practice with 2 previous coursework tasks.


Coursework 07/08

Copy over the folder for the 07/08 coursework task and follow the instructions downloaded from here.

Coursework 08/09

Copy over the folder for the 08/09 coursework task and follow the instructions downloaded from here.



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