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You’ve started posting and commenting.  You’re using your own blog and other people’s blogs.  One question might have occurred to you "is who are these people and where do they come from?"

In this exercise we going to add one or two widgets to your blog (more bling) to find out who is visiting you and where they come from).

  • 1. Cluster One

    You are going to add a Clustermap to your site. Look at the one at the side of this page here.  This will show where your visitors are coming from  You may be surprised at how people on the other side of the world are looming at what you have got to say.

    Of course, for someone to see your blog, they need a Glow login.  That makes it harder for you to get visitors from countries near and far.  Or will it?

    This is a live widget.  When someone visits your site, it will show their location.  When they’re not on your site, it won’t show anything.

more widgets

How did you get adding more widgets to your blog? did you have any problems? Share your experience in a comment below!

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