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We'll add even more features to your blog later. But let's start doing what a blog is meant to do.

Time for our first post!

Tell us about your self.

Each blog has a default page called 'About'. We are going to edit this page. In the DASHBOARD choose EDIT from the Pages option. Change the page to include some information about yourself.

Somethings you can include follows. But don't forget the aim is to make it as interesting to others.

  • Tell us who you are. It's always good to start with this!
  • Where you're from - Just the town only. Always leave them wanting more! Don't reveal too much information on-line.
  • What your main interests are - Everyone has an interest
  • What your favourite food, TV show, music, and films are.
  • And if you're feeling adventurous, tell us about your hopes for the future

Don't forget to update your blog after you make any changes.

  • 1. About to Begin

    Thing About Me

    Look at the School Blog opposite for ideas. Or if you need further inspiration look at other pupils blogs to see what they are saying.

    Don't forget, anyone can write a blog - some of the examples are written by people who are only 10 years old!

  Lets Talk

Let people find you! Copy and paste your blog address into a commentso that other can find you and see what you have to say. Don't forget, the purpose behind blogging is to let people know more about you and what you have to say!

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