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An avatar is an image which you can use to represent yourself online. It is part of your on-line identity. Many will already have an avatar from earlier work, but there are hundreds of sites which can be used to create an avatar

You can also use Fireworks and perhaps edit a photo to make your own avatar.

Gravatar is a site that stores your avatar, and then you will find that lots of sites that use avatars for commenting automatically find your avatar to attach to your post. That's what happens here with your Glow blog

  • 1. Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds?

    Watch the movie to follow the steps to create a gravatar account if you haven't got one and story your avatars.

    1.Let’s get those avatars into Gravatar (you may already have one that you added in first year – you can add as many avatars as you want to Gravatar, and choose the one you want to use at any time).

    2. To prove that it works, leave a comment here just to say that you’ve managed the challenge. If you’ve really managed the challenge, we’ll see your avatar.  If not, try again.

    3. Now to make a blog Post (titled Avatars and Me).  Tell us about your avatar, what problems you had making it, what you like about it and what you don’t like about it.  Perhaps you want to tell us about a site that you know that makes great avatars.  Maybe you want your readers to leave a comment telling you about great avatar sites that they know about.  Be sure to ask your readers, and hopefully they will oblige.

  Avatar Photo

Have you found any other good sites for making avatars? Share what you found with others by including the address in a comment!

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