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There are many many providers of blog sites. The link opposite to the faculty blog uses Blogger; one of the many Google aplications.

Wordpress is another major provider of blogging sites. In fact we are going to use Wordpress but created within Glow using the security that it provides. Here you will be able to create your blog and interact with any other pupil within the school.

  • 1. I Created Disco

    Watch the movie and follow the steps to setup and create your blog within the safety of the Glow encironment.

    Make sure you set the Privacy Setting to Glow only and not Private. If you set it to Private, only you will be able to view it defeating the the purpose of creating the blog. By making it visible on Glow, enable all people who can log into Glow can see it.

    Once you have created your Blog, place a link on the blog list page in glow that belongs to your S1/S2 Group.

  Why Blog

If you have any questions leave a comment below. You don't always have to have a blog to leave comment. Or perhaps you want to say how easy it was.

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