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Take a look around the class. Your blog looks exactly the same as the person next to you and the person next to them and so on. In many ways, that's not so important. The key thing about your blog that will keep people coming back to your site is the content that is contained inside your blog.

However, before we even get to posting to a blog, let's make your blog look like your blog. To do this, we'll make a Custom Header using your skills in Fireworks and then use the tools in the blog to make this appear at the top of your blog for all the world to see.

  • 1. TumBling Dice

    Watch the movie and follow the steps to create a new customised header and add it in to your Blog through the Dashboard.

    We'll then get people to say whether or not they like your shiny new header, and if not, they can tell you what would improve it.

    Some things to think about adding to your blog header:

    1. A customised font (e.g.
    2. Include your avatar made in for example FaceYourManga.
    3. A photo background (if you have a photo at home that you think would do the job, you could upload it to your Glow account or even directly into your blog, and then you could use it at school).
  Blinging the Blog

How successful have you been at creating your custom header? Is yours the best in the class or have you had problems making it or setting your creation at the header in your blog? Share your thoughts here!

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