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A number of different parts to this exercise. It involves making a number posts about your area and where you would like to visit.

It also involves learning how to spice up your posts with pictures in order to make your blog more interesting in an attempt attract some followers.

In turn you can visit other people's blogs for ideas and carry on making 'smart' comments. Remember that VIDEO! And finally you will complete a challenge of creating a quiz about your area using pictures and anything else to

  • 1. Advertising Space

    Previously, your 'about' page told us about, well, you! Now let's find out a little bit about where you're from.

    Now let’s find out a little bit about where you’re from. Write a post about places.  It should be in 2 parts.


    • 1. This is where I came in!

      Tell everyone about the place you come from. It may be the town you live in now (Johnstone) or it may be about the place you used to live.


      Describe any tourist attractions your place has, and about any special events that go on throughout the year.

    • 2. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere?

      my holiday

      Tell us about the place you love most or would like to visit (or even the holiday destination from hell – do not go back there). The sky is the limit here. Love the USA? Why? Have you been? Where did you go? What did you go? Tell us. Make us all want to go too!

      The link here will tell you what other people in other countries are writing about regarding places. have a look and see if you can get some inspiration.

      Maybe your place is somewhere exotic like The Maldives, and you haven’t been there. Why did you choose it? What would you do there?

  • 2. Picture of Innocence

    Every picture tells a story.  As a little extra, let’s see if you can add a picture or two to your blog post.  Maybe that picture will be a holiday snap of you swimming with the dolphins in Australia.  Maybe it’s a picture of you sitting miserably under an umbrella on a wet and windy beach in Rhyl.

     It could also be a picture downloaded from the web showing one of those special events like a festival that you mentioned in the first part of your post.  Remember, you can update your blog at home, it doesn’t have to be done in school.  So if you have some photos on the PC at home, feel free to upload them from there.

    Watch the movie to what a difference it makes to include a few pictures. See if you can use the Dashboard in your blog to work out how to upload pictures into your posts.

  • 3. Check Me Out

    Remember to check out some other blogs and see if their special places seem as interesting as yours.  Don’t forget to leave a comment


  • 4. New Kid In Town

    My town quiz challenge.

    Write a blog post which is a quiz with 5 questions that will be asked to a class in first year. The questions should be about the place where you live (Johnstone, Elderslie, Kilbarchan etc. – they all count).

    Ask other people in your year group to leave a comment on your post with a question that can be used in the quiz.  Then you can pick the 10 best questions for the Ultimate Johnstone Quiz.

  My Space

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