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Scratch Programming

Scratch is a programming language which allows you to create amongst other things games. You can create characters that dance, sing, and interact with one another.

Scratch allows you to create images that whirl, spin, and animate in response to  movements of the mouse.

The name Scratch comes from the scratching technique used by hip-hop disc  jockeys, who spin vinyl records back and forth  with their hands to mix music clips together in creative ways.

At the core of Scratch is a graphical programming language that lets you control the actions and interactions among media on their computers today.

Coding in Scratch is much easier than in traditional programming languages: to create a script or program, you simply snap together  graphical blocks, much like LEGO bricks or  puzzle pieces




What you have to do!

  1. Create a new folder in your network Documents folder called Scratch
  2. (MAC only) - Create shortcut to Scratch in your dock
  3. Watch the Movie Introduction to Scratch .


What you should be able to do at the end of this topic

Continue to Exercise 1: Move the CAT

This space is available to display work: so come on, get links to your games posted here!

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