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1. Moving the CAT

Here you will teach a cat to walk when certain keys are pressed on the keyboard.

In order to make the cat do something, you have to tell it, step by step, everything it must do.

You will control the movement of the cat on the stage by using the arrow keys, you will change the costume (how the cat looks), change the colour , add sound, delete and import a sprite.

Learning Intentions

1. Understand what an Event is in Scratch.

2. Create a simple program to control movement on the stage.

Success Criteria

  1. Succesful creation of program with sprite moving up, down, left and right as appropriate arrow keys are pressed.
  2. Sprite changes costume with every arrow press.


Programming Concepts

1. Sequencing: To create a program you have to think carefully about the order of steps.

For example we can't move anything until we tell the computer which key we are using. In this case, the Right Arrow key.

Then we can tell the program how far to move something when the key is pressed.




2. Event Handling: All programs have Events or triggers that cause things to happen. For example when a key is pressed or a sprite is clicked on.

The example here show that when the Right Arrow key pressed EVENT is triggered,

The computer carries out each instruction in turn.



Knowing your Code Objects

Code Object Meaning
Carries out the following instructions or script when the specific key is pressed - in this case the space key.
Moves sprite forward or back.
Changes sprite's costume to next costume in the costume list. (If at the end of the costume list, jumps back to the start).
Changes a visual effect on a sprite by a specific amount. (Use pull down menu to choose effect).
Starts playing a sound from a pull down menu, and immediately goes on to the next block even as the sound is still playing.

What you have to do!

  1. Watch the Move the Cat Movie .
  2. Complete the exercise as shown in the movie (saving the file as ** in your Scratch folder).
  3. Mark Off Exercise 1 in your Progress Grids.

Continue to Exercise 2: Make a Pattern

This space is available to display work: so come on, get links to your games posted here!

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