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2. Making a Pattern: Introducing Variables

In this lesson you will learn how to make a pattern using:

You will paint your own sprite, and increase/decrease speed and 'turnyness' of sprite using a variable.


You will be using the paint editor in the next Lesson to create your own sprite. The key below identifies each part of the paint editor.


More Useful Programming Concepts

1. Loops (Iteration): Forever and repeat can be used for iteration (repeating a series of instructions) To create a program you have to think carefully about the order of steps.

The example here shows that a Loop will repeat forever a move of set number of steps contained within a speed variable.

It will also turn a certain amount determined by a number contained within the turyness variable.






2. Variables: The variable blocks allow you to create variables and use them in a program.  A variable is something that will change each time the loop is executed

The image zooms onto the variable blocks discussed earlier.








Knowing more Code Objects

Code Object Meaning
Runs script below when green flag is clicked.
Runs the blocks over and over again - forever or untill sommething elese happens.
Clears all pen marks and stamps from stage.
Stamps sprite's image onto the stage
Rotates sprite 15 degrees clockwise.
Moves sprite to a specific x and y position on stage.



What you have to do!

  1. Watch the 2. Make a Pattern Movie.
  2. Mark Off Exercise 2 in your Progress Grids.


Continue to Exercise 3: Bouncing the Ball

This space is available to display work: so come on, get links to your games posted here!

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