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11. Adding Levels

In this lesson you will open up the maze you created in Lesson 5 and amend the code to include different backgrounds.

There is no movie to watch this time as you have already used the code you need before.

In Lesson 7 you were shown how to change the background using the broadcast command together with the when I receive command. If you cannot remember how to do this go back and look at the code in Lesson 7.

In Lesson 6 you were shown how to use the counter command to count how many fish had been eaten by the shark. You can adapt this code to include in your helicopter game so that when the next level is reached you gain points, you could even include code that takes points away.

You can add more difficulty to the game by adding more obstacles, you can add a block which moves ;glides; back and forward, positioning it with the x and y co-ordinates and putting in a random wait command.

The levels of difficulty are endless, you can choose how easy and simple to make you game or how difficult. Once you have created your game you can challenge your friends to complete it.


What you have to do!

  1. Open up your Maze program you made in Lesson 5.
  2. Adapt the code to include different backgrounds.
  3. Increase the level of difficulty by adding more obstacles.
  4. Challenge your friends to complete the game.
  5. Mark Off Exercise 11 in your Progress Grids.


Continue to Exercise 12: Animation

This space is available to display work: so come on, get links to your games posted here!

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