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1. Understanding Icons

Writing programs is easy.

It involves stringing icons together in a particular sequence or order. Together, all the icons make up the program.

The order of the icons in the program depends on what you want the cart to do.

Each icon represents a particular instruction so that program become a collection of instructions to the robot.

Designers of Robolab have tried to create icons or pictures that look like the function they represent. Understanding the meaning of these icons will greatly improve your programming skills.


Useful Icons and their Meanings

Icon Represents (Meaning)
Turns on the motor attached to port A in forward direction
Lamp on Port B Turn on the lamp attached to port B
4 Second Timer Continue the present actions for 4 seconds
Go Program Start the program
Stop Program Turn off all motors and lamps attached to ports A, B and C
Start Programicon linkMotor A left 2 icons strung together


What have to do!

Only do Task 1 in your Progress Grid Extensions

  1. In your S2 Progress Grids
    1. Go to Robolab Progress Grids Extension and complete Task 1.
      1. Drag Icons into what you think is the correct position. (click on and hold mouse button down while you drag)
      2. Correct positions are marked with Green Tick.
      3. Wrong positions are marked with Red Cross.
    2. When complete do:-
  2. Tick Off Task 1 in the main Robolab Progress Grids.


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