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Transferring Programs

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About the RCX Computer.

Before showing you how to transfer programs, it is important to become familiar with your RCX Computer.

You will also need an Infra-Red transmitter. Plug the transmitter into one of the USB sockets on your computer (check with your teacher)

There needs to be a clear line of sight between the Infer-Red transmitter and the Infra-Red Port at the top of the RCX Computer. - click on the RCX photo.


When you are ready to transmit your program, check the broad arrow at the top left of your program window. - see the movie.

If the arrow is broken, this indicates that there is an error or mistake in your program. Make sure you check your "wiring" first and that each icon is wired into the program.

Switch your Cart on - see photo and make sure Programming Slot 3, 4 or 5 is selected. - slots 1 and 2 are reserved for other programs. - You can change the programming slot being used by pressing the Program button (Prgm)

Then click the Transmit arrow shown in the movie. If you are successful you will hear three beeps. Then you are ready to run your program. Click here for instructions on running programs.


RCX Computer

This is the brains of the Cart. At the top there is an Infer-Red Port. This accepts the programs transmitted from the Infer-Red Transmitter. The two must be IN-LINE with one another with nothing in the way.

The INPUT Sockets numbered 1, 2 & 3 accept information from sensors. These provide information about the Cart's environment and include Light and Touch information.

The DISPLAY shows information about what the Cart is up to.

The OUTPUT Sockets lettered A, B & C connect the Cart to various devices like motors and lamps.

Play this video
Transferring the Program! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?



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