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Simple Programs

Using Lamps

Turning the Cart

Using sensors


9. Getting the Cart to Turn


Play this video
Getting the Cart to Turn! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

So far we now know how to:

  1. Get the Cart to Move forwards.
  2. Stop the Cart and get it to move backwards.
  3. Attach a Lamp and get it to Flash.

Now we have to think about getting the Cart to Turn.

Turning the Cart

This is achieved by:

  1. Switching ONE motor OFF for a period of time.
  2. Then Switching the Motor ON again to stop turning. (we would switch motor A Off to turn Left and motor C to turn right)

Watch the movie to see how this all comes together.

The movie shows the cart going forwards for two seconds and then turned left for 1 second before continuing forward for 2 seconds.


What you have to do!

  1. Plan your program by completing Task 14 in your Robolab Progress Extension Grids
  2. Start the Robolab Software - if it isn't already open..
  3. Create the program and transfer it to the cart.
  4. Once the program is working correctly Tick Off Task 9 in the main Robolab Progress Grids.


Continue to Exercise 10:


S2 Courses


Underwater Robots.

AC-ROV - Built by AC-CESS the AC-ROV is a small portable underwater robot used for underwater inspection.
Fetch2 - AUV - Called Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, the Fetch2 has been built to find mines and check for underwater explosives. It can distinguish between different types of fish.


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