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5. Editing a Program

Watch the movie - there's no sound.

Play this video
Editing the Program Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

Notice how the string between stopping all the motors and the stop program has had to be removed.


What you have to do!

  1. Start the Robolab Software.
  2. Delete the "Dummy" Program the software starts with.
  3. From your Robolab Progress Grids Extension copy the program you created in the last exercise.
  4. Transfer the program to the Cart. Click here for a reminder to how to transfer programs.
  5. Check the program works by running the program. Click here to remind yourself how to START or run programs on the CART.
  6. Once the program is working tick Off Task 5 in the main Robolab Progress Grids.


Continue to Exercise 6:


S2 Courses


Some other Robots.

ASIMO - Humanoid Robot - Built by Honda ASIMO can walk, run, talk and can even climb stairs.
EMVIEW - a wheeled robot built by Hitachi to help to look after children and work around the home.
QRIO - Another walking robot built by Sony. Can sense heat and surfaces, recognize people through their voice or face, and respond with gestures or words to questions


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