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12. Changing the Inventor Level

Taking More Control

When we practiced turning the Cart we turned a motor off for a period of time. But there are problems with this.

  1. The motor could only be stopped for either 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 seconds. What if you only wanted half a second, or, say, 5 seconds?
  2. The RCX only operated at a single power level.  Sometimes, the RCX needs to speed up and sometimes, especially when turning, it needs to slow down.


  Changing the Level

              1. Start RoboLab.
              2. Choose Run Robolab.
              3. Select Programmer Option.
              4. Choose Inventor 2




More About Level 2


Seeing the Differences

Play this video
Watch the differences! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

The Movie shows two programs.

  1. The original program of an RCX Cart turning for one second at full power.
  2. It then shows a further program where the RCX moves at half power and turns for only half a second.

Notice the difference in the two programs. The movie below demonstrates the second program you saw with additional modifiers used.





Using Modifiers

In the movie you can see:-

  1. Motors A and C are turned on at power level 3 (half power).
  2. The motors turn for 1.5 sec's before A is turned off, causing the RCX to turn.
  3. Motor A restarts at half power for 2 seconds before the motors stop and the program ends.


Play this video
Building the program with Copy and Paste! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?



What you have to do!

  1. Start the Robolab Software - if it isn't already open.
  2. Make sure you choose Inventor Level 2.
  3. Create the program shown in the movie and transfer it to the cart.
  4. Once the program is working correctly Tick Off Task 12 in the main Robolab Progress Grids.


Continue to Round the Houses Challenge - Exercise 13:


S2 Courses


Other Types of Sensor

Cameras - Used to provide robots with 'eyes'
Gyroscope - Helps robots tell which way is up.
Sonar - Help robots judge distances between itself and other objects.  
Electronic Compass - Used with GPS system to help robots find their way about.


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