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Challenge - Maze Wars

You Set The Challenge

There is no movie for this challenge.

You have to create a maze, which your Cart can find its way through. - you have to write the program to get your Cart to do this.

You can then challenge all other teams in the class to see if they can do the same to get their Carts through your maze.

If they can't and you can, You are the WINNER!

Building the Maze

  1. Use a combination of objects to create barriers.
  2. Use different colour of paper as barriers or for use as a path for the robot Cart to follow.

The most demanding course is one that makes use of the touch sensor and the light sensor. Navigating through this type of maze will require programming and problem solving skills of the highest order and the winner can claim to be the ROBO CHAMPION of the school.

Something to Consider





S2 Courses


Robots in Space

MARS POLAR LANDER - Sent to land on Mars to gather information about weather and with a drill to take soil samples in a search for water.

FLYING SMART ROBOT -The Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) is being developed by NASA's Ames Research Center.

PSA's check oxygen levels, take photos, and look for and/or fix minor problems they might find -- all without human supervision. Each astronaut will have his or her own tennis ball sized PSA



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