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16. Challenge - Light and Dark

The Challenge

There is no movie for this challenge.

Your teacher will provide you with a white board.

Coloured tape is stretched across the board at odd intervals, dividing the board up into different sized blocks.

What you have to Do!

  1. You have to get your Cart to travel from one end of the board to the other. Simples! But...
  2. The Cart has to stop for 2 seconds on each of the strips of tape. And ...
  3. It has to Stop before the end of the board.

Things you need to consider

  1. What's happening to the levels of light being reflected from the different parts of board?
  2. Which light icons will you use in each section?
  3. Will it be necessary to use modifiers attached to the light icons?

This tests your skill at controlling your light sensor. There are another 10 Bonus points available for the team who succeed at this challenge.


If you succeed at this challenge, make sure you mark off Exercise 16 in your Progress Grids.

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S2 Courses


Robots in Space

MARS POLAR LANDER - Sent to land on Mars to gather information about weather and with a drill to take soil samples in a search for water.

FLYING SMART ROBOT -The Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) is being developed by NASA's Ames Research Center.

PSA's check oxygen levels, take photos, and look for and/or fix minor problems they might find -- all without human supervision. Each astronaut will have his or her own tennis ball sized PSA



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