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13. Challenge - Round the Houses

The Challenge

Play this video
A Challenge! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

The Movie shows an RCX Cart traveling around a room.

Your teacher will provide you with a similar course. The object might be for example, to get your Cart to navigate around the edge of a table.

Things you need to consider

  1. What power levels should be used for the motors?
  2. How long should a motor be switched off to allow for turning

A high degree of problem solving is needed for this task and there are 10 Bonus points available for the team who make the best effort at this challenge.



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S2 Courses


Robots in Space

MARS POLAR LANDER - Sent to land on Mars to gather information about weather and with a drill to take soil samples in a search for water.

FLYING SMART ROBOT -The Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) is being developed by NASA's Ames Research Center.

PSA's check oxygen levels, take photos, and look for and/or fix minor problems they might find -- all without human supervision. Each astronaut will have his or her own tennis ball sized PSA



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