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Fireworks Exercises

Text Effects New!

Image Effects New!

Video Tutorials New!

Attaching text to a path

  1. Watch the movie below .

  2. reate text that is attached to a path as shown in the movie. You can chose the text and shape to attach the text to. Save the file as attaching_text.png.

  3. Try to create the animation effect shown on the movie using your own text. You can use the file   globe.png   as a centre piece of the animation as in the movie or you can find your own image from the Internet to use to create an eye catching animation.

  4. Tick off exercise 8  in your progress grids

Double click on the movie to start !

Continue to the CHALLENGE!!!

Some other effects you can explore!

Text Effects

Image Effects

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Feather Image Effect
Fade Image Effects
Line Effect
Paste Inside

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