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Transparent Text Effect

This is a very nice effect. I'm sure you will have seen something similar in SKY adverts on bill boards, in magazines and on the side of vans.

Using this effect allows you to see right through any text and on to the image underneath.

Step 1

Copy and paste the image you want to use onto the canvas.

Step 2

Type the text and use the select arrow to position on the image.

Step 3

Select the text. Got to the Properties window below the screen, select Effects>Bevel and Emboss>Raised Emboss.

Step 4

The Raised Emboss properties will appear where you can set your chosen the property values.

For the 'Montana' text the values are Width = 2 Contrast = 100% Softness = 0 Angle = 135. The font is Futura Md BT, Size = 51.

The property values for the text 'FreshAir to Breath' Width = 2 Contrast = 90% Softness = 0 Angle = 135. The font is Andalus, Size = 31.

Make sure that the option Show Object is not checked.

To get the look !

Click on Montana.gif to download the file used in the example. Use the settings above to re-create the image above.

Alternatively, look on the internet for a suitable picture and create your own.


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