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Motion Trail Effect

Creating a motion trail to text is a very easy way of giving a sense of motion to your images.

Step 1

Type your text on to the canvas. In the example each letter has been a different colour.

Step 2

Select the text. Click on Modify>Flatten Selection This turns the text into a Bitmap.

Step 3

Select the text again. Click on Filters >Eye Candy >Motion Trail. A two pane window will open showing these controls in the top left.

Step 4

The following controls are:-

Length - Click on the small triangle below the bar to adjust the length of the Trail. A value of 175 has been used to give the text a long tail.

Taper - This controls the width of the tail. A value of 95 has been used to give a narrow tail and give the impression the text has moved from quite a distance away.

Overall Opacity - This controls the transparency of the tail. A medium value of 56 has been used to make the text stand out an d remain readable.

To get the look!

Follow the steps above using the same values to reproduce the image. A canvas size of 184 px wide and 55 px high was create. The font was Futura Md BT with a font size of 51.

Alternatively create your own text and use your own settings.

You can also use the Motion Effect with pictures, although for the best effects this requires you 'cut out' parts of the image as shown in the feather effect.

This space is available to display work: so come on, get your work placed here!

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