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Using Drop Shadow and Bevel Effects

These are common and dramatic effects that you can apply to any text used in your images. You can watch the movie Creating a Text Logo or you can follow the steps below.

Step 1

Create your text on the canvas. If you are using any textures or pattern fills make sure you use a large bold font so you can see them clearly.

Step 2

Select the text and from the Effects Menu choose the effect you wish to apply.

For the Shadow effect choose Shadow and Glow>Drop Shadow. The shadow settings for the word 'Shadow' are shown below.

You can set the distance of the shadow from the original text. Here its 7.

You can set the density of the shadow. Here its quite a high .65.

As well as the direction of the shadow - 315 you can control the sharpness of the shadow. Here its at a fairly sharp setting of 4.

Now have a go using your own text and look at some of the other options in the Effects menu.

Get the look!

The font for the 'Shadow' text is Eras Bold ITC with a font size of 48. It also has a texture fill of Metal with a density of 50%. The shadow settings are those shown above.

For the 'Bevel' text, the font is Eras Bold ITC with a font size of 73. It also has a texture fill of Metal with a density of 60%.

The text has a Raised Flat bevel with a Width of 10 and Contrast of 80%, together with a Softness of 10 and an Angle of 135.

This space is available to display work: so come on, get your work placed here!

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