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Zoom Effect

A Zoom Effect used carefully can make pictures really dramatic.


Step 1

Place your image on the canvas. With it selected choose Filters>Eye Candy>Bevel Boss.

Set the following values.

Bevel width - 16.00, Bevel Height - 50, Smoothness - 100.


Step 2

Click on the lighting tab and set the following values.

Direction - 135, Inclination - 45, Highlight brightness - 70, Size - 64. Highlight colour - White, Shadow colour - Black

Click on the Bevel Profile tab and choose cutaround

Step 3

Draw a bigger rectangle of the same around the picture. Convert it to a bitmap by right clicking on it and from the Modify Menu choose Flatten Selection. Fill the rectangle with a shade similar to one in the image.

Step 4

Still with the rectangle selected go to Filters>Blur>Zoom Blur. In the Zoom Blur window give the values : Amount - 80 and Quality - 45. Position your original image in the center of the rectangle to complete the overall effect.

Get the look!

Click to download the Original Picture and see if you can reproduce the same effect.


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