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Photo Frame Effects.

Sometimes having straight line edges to your images can be a bit boring. You can easily add Photo frame effects to your pictures and make them more interesting.

Place your image on the canvas. Select your image and choose Filters>Alien Skin Splat LE>Edges

In the window that opens various settings can be changed. The sequence of examples show how changing these settings result in different frames.

If you need a transparent fill for the image, check the option Transparent Fill. This will deselect the color option and the image will have a white background.


Get the look !

Click to download the Original Picture. Use this to try out different Frame Effects or do this with your own pictures..

Dot Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Half tone dots, Edge Width - 55, Margin - 0, Feature size - 71, Direction - 90 and Random Seed - 20.

Ripped Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Torn paper, Edge Width - 15, Margin - 3, Feature size - 8, and Random Seed - 2.

Line Edged Frame

Edge Mode - Half tone lines, Edge Width - 20, Margin - 0, Feature size - 60, and Direction - 325.

Rough Edged Frame

Edge Mode -Rough, Edge Width - 20, Margin - 0, Feature size - 5, and Random Seed - 10.


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