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Line Effects

Sometimes images can be improved by placing a pattern over the top of an image. This is extremely easy to do.

Step 1

Place your chosen image on the canvas.

Step 2

Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbox. Use this to draw a rectangle over your image. Don't worry about the colour for now.

Step 3

With the rectangle selected, select Texture in the Properties bar and choose Line-Horiz 3. Set the Amount of Texture to 50%.

Step 4

Still with the rectangle selected, change the Opacity to 35%. This will make the texture more transparent and allow the underlying image to come through. Then change the Fill Colour to one from the image and this will blend the texture into the picture.

Try adding different textures to your own pictures and see what you come up with!

Get the look!

Click to download the Original Picture. Follow the steps above and see if you can reproduce the effect.



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