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Fade Images

Sometimes you want images to blur or merge seamless ley into the background or fade into other pictures. Luckily this is very easy to do with Fireworks.

After fade effect has been applied
Combined with a textured background

Step 1

Place your image on the canvas. Select the image and from the Commands menu choose Creative>Fade image.

Step 2

The Fade Image options show you the different directions in which you can fade your picture. The checkered squares show you where your image will be transparent and anything underneath will show through.

Select your preferred fade effect and click OK.

Step 3

Once you have chosen your effect, you can tweak or adjust the amount of fade by grabbing each of the boxes or handles- clicking and holding - and dragging them into position.

The example shows the original picture with a rectangular fade. Drag the handles in and out and in different directions to see what happens.

Try different fade effects and see if you can get two images to blend together.

Get the look !

Click to download the Original Picture. Use this to practise with different fade effects..


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