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Cropping Images

The following instructions have been created to support the video on Scaling and Cropping Images.

However, cutting parts from pictures to create other images is a very popular and powerful technique.

Step 1

Find an image that contains the part you wish to use and place it on the canvas.

Step 2

Select the Crop Tool from the Tools Bar. Use it to mark around the part of the image you wish to keep and press return.



You can then copy and paste the parts into other images as you like, to create images made from many parts like the example!



If wish to select an odd shaped part rather than just a rectangular part of an image, look at the instructions that go with Feather Image Effect.

The trick to producing good overall images like the example, lies in the selection of the original picture.

Try creating your own effect from different images collected on the internet.


This space is available to display work: so come on, get your work placed here!

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