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Introduction course
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Mug Design

Through the course of this year, your class will be looking to market mugs with a Johnstone High Computing and Business Studies themed design, that allows as any as possible to be sold with any profits going to a charity chosen by your class.

Stage one of this process is to create a design that will appeal to people and make them part with their hard earned cash.

All class members should create 2 designs (you may work with a partner), and a vote will then be taken to choose the 2 or 3 best designs that will be used from your class and developed and advertised to the general public.

A maximum Fireworks canvas size (in pixels) of 625 (width) by 255 (height) should be chosen as any larger than this will not fit a standard mug.

Smaller sizes are acceptable - smaller designs means more can be printed on the special decal paper that will be used. The more that can be printed means less cost in the production of mugs - and therefore a greater profit to be made.

The design must clearly mention the computing and business studies departments, with the possible inclusion of the school badge and department web site also included.

A series of examples are included below to fire your imagaination - you know you can do better.

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Let's Get Busy!!

Got an idea but not sure if it will work? Ask here. Got a design you'd like to show others? Post it in your Glow area and set a link here. Not sure what to do? Ask away!

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