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3. Exporting Graphics with transparency

Firework graphics are automatically saved as .png files. It is much more common to find graphic files ending with .gif or .jpg.

In this exercise, you will export a graphics file (which means saving it in a format that suits your purpose) as a .gif and give the graphic a transparent (see-through) background.

The file will then be placed in a Powerpoint document and have the background colour changed. If you have exported the file correctly, then the change in background colour will not have any effect on your graphic.

What you have to do!

  1. Watch the movie below which shows you how to save your work in different formats.

  2. Open the file logo1.png that you created earlier and export it as a .gif file using the index transparency option shown on the movie.

  3. Open or start a new blank PowerPoint presentation.

  4. Insert the file into the PowerPoint file Logo.ppt and change the background colour of this file to green. Make sure that your logo looks fine no matter the background colour.

  5. Tick off exercise 3  in your progress grids.





3.   Saving work in GIF format include a transparent background.




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