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4. Scaling and Cropping

Often it is useful to take a graphic image, such as a picture that has already been created to use in a presentation or a web site, say.

However, you may find that the image is not the size that you want, or you only want to use a part of the image. This where the scale and crop tools in Fireworks come in handy.

What you have to do!

  1. Watch the movie which shows you how to cut out parts of an image and then how to enlarge or reduce the scale of images.

  2. Click to  Download faces.png  file.

  3. Copy the file from the web page - Right click and copy or control + mouse click on an apple and paste it into a new Fireworks document.

  4. Crop and scale the image as shown in the movie. The new image should be exported (as a .jpeg) into your graphics folder.

  5. Tick off exercise 4 in your progress grids.



4.   Using the Crop and Scale tools to cut out and change the size of images.


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