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5. Pop Art

A little of everything

This exercise involves a lot of the things that you have done in exercises 1 to 4. It also requires you to increase the size of your canvass, and copy and paste an image which is no different to how you would do it in any other piece of software.

You are going to create your own piece of pop art, similar to the one used in the previous exercise (shown below).

What you have to do!

  1. Watch the movie graphic 5.

  2. Click to  Download mcg.jpg file. Choose to Save the file.

  3. Open the file and user the image Copy the file from the web page - Right click and copy or control + mouse click on an apple and paste it into a new Fireworks document.

  4. Use an image from the folder PopArt in the graphics folder or use any other image you have (which might be a picture of yourself) and try to create a pop art picture like the one in the movie or the one shown above. Remember to make it absolutely fantastic, so that people who look at it say "Wow!".
  5. Crop and scale the image as shown in the movie. The new image should be exported (as a .jpeg) into your graphics folder.

  6. Tick off exercise 5  in your progress grids.



5.   Change the canvas size and using Copy and Paste to create a bit of Pop Art.


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