Introduction Course
Introduction course
Standard Grade
Information Systems
Intermediate II
Information Systems
Business Studies


Amongst other things, you have:-

  1. Learn't how to apply effects to text using filters.

  2. Save space around text and images and know how to save files.

  3. Crop images to get the part you want.

  4. Change the colour of images and text.

  5. Bend text around shapes.

You also know how to animate pictures and text and use them in PowerPoint Presentations.

Now its time to release your Inner Designer!!

We want to see you put all your new graphic skills to good use!

  1. Your job is to create a Desktop background for computers.

  2. This Desktop has to be user friendly and allow people to see icons on their desktop.

  3. It has to have WOW factor that makes people gasp with amazement.

Some Tips to help you get started.

  • Do some research for IDEAS! - Google Desktop wallpapers and see what others have created.

  • While looking at the pictures, try to work out they've been created.

  • Break them down to their elements; e.g Text, Pictures. What effects fills etc have been used?

  • Make sure you create an image size of 1024 pixels Wide and 780 pixels High. This is the size of the screens in school.

  • Don't make them too complicated. LESS IS MORE!

Your efforts will be judged and the best ones will appear on this site!


Have a look at the featured work. Add a comment here to let us know which ones you liked and why? Are there any you don't like and if so how could they be improved?

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