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Website Practical Test.

Finally to graduate to complete Ninja Webmaster status you have to complete 2 tests. This page is concerned with the practical test where you will create a website.

Download the test folder, Aircraft by clicking the button below and unzip the file and move the folder into your Documents folder.

Download Aircraft Test


All graphic files and animations you will need are stored in the Images folder.


Click button for a reminder of how to define a site before you start the test.




The Finished Website

More Formatting: Line Spacing & Bullets! Click to Go Larger Screen


The movie shows the completed website. The closer your website looks to this the more marks you will get.

Some parts of the pages have been created for you.

  1. To build the website follow the steps below in order
  2. Each step earns a number for successful completion.
  3. Make sure you don't do them out of sequence.
  4. Read each step very carefully.


Make sure you save your work regularly.


1. Home Page

Open the index.htm page and:

Lancaster 1. Use the upper aircraft picture to create a link to lancaster.htm. 1
Messerschmidt 2. Use the lower aircraft picture to create a link to messerschmitt.htm. 1
External Link 3. Create an external link to the web site The link should open in a new page (or tab), and be activated by clicking on the word here as shown in the movie. 2



2. Lancaster Bomber

Open the lancaster.htm page and;

Heading 1. Insert the flash file silent_logo.swf from the images folder into the top row of the table. 1
Lancaster Bomber 2. Insert, and centre bomber.gif in the 2nd column of the 2nd row. 2
Title 3. Type Lancaster Bomber in the 2nd column of the 3rd row and centre and format with font Verdana and text colour white.


Red Lancaster 4. Change the cell background colour of the 2nd column in the 3rd row to red. Do the same in row 5 column 2. 2
5. Copy and paste the text from the file lancaster_facts.doc into row 4 column 2. Change the font to Verdana. 3
Page 2 6. Insert home.gif, page1.gif and page2.gif into the correct places in row 6. 2
Home Button 7. Insert and Create links to the home page (index.htm) and page 2 (messerschmitt.htm). 2
Title Title the page Lancaster Bomber. 1


3. Messerschmitt Fighter

Open Messerschmitt.htm page, and;


Messerschmitt Page

1. Create Page 2 (using Messerschmitt.htm). This file is blank to begin with.

It is up to you how you make use of tables, layers etc, but the page should look the same as that shown on the movie and contain all features used on page 1 (lancaster.htm). Links should be correctly set as required.




Check with your teacher what you have to do next.

Preview Completed Pages

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