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9. Adding New Pages.

Now that the Goblet of Fire page is finished.

Use the same knowledge and skills practiced in the previous exercises to complete the Lord of the Rings page. Click on Preview link on the right to see how your finished page should look.

Begin by opening the return_of_the_king.htm.


Once the Lord of the Rings has finished complete with all its pictures, links and home buttons you have a Choice

  1. Complete the King Kong page in the same way as shown in the page preview, OR,
  2. Create a new page that shows off your favourite movie. Don't forget:
    1. You will need a film poster cover for the main link on the index.htm page.
    2. Pictures of the main actors in the film.
    3. Some text describing what the film is about, to go with a main picture on the film.
    4. You will also have to find tome related sites to make external links.

You can however use the same banner.gif picture to go at the top of the page, cast.gif and Home.jpg graphics from the images/titles folder.

If you need to use the links in the Common Task Reminders sectionfor help on getting pictures, text etc



Adding a New Page

If you need to add a page to your website.


Adding a New Page! Click to Go Larger Screen
  1. Watch the Adding New Page movie.
  2. Add content (banners, pictures, text etc) to your page.
  3. Save and preview your work.



Don't forget to add links to your new page from the other pages in your website.




What you have to do!

  1. Add new pages to a website.
  2. Save, preview and test that each of your hyperlinks work correctly.
  3. Tick off your Progress Grids.


Mark off Task 9 your progress grids.


What you should now be able to do!


Continue to Exercise 10: Uploading a Website.


Preview Completed Pages

Goblet of Fire
Lord of the Rings
King Kong


Widget Examples

Where In the World am I


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