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6. Adding More Pictures & Text.


So far we have completed the index.htm page. It's always good practice to name your first page index.htm, because its from there you create links to all your other pages.



Now it's time to add content to our other empty pages, begining with Goblet of Fire in the Harry Potter film series.



Adding a Banner



Adding Banner! Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Open Goblet_of_fire.htm by double clicking on the title in the file tree.
  2. Watch the Adding Banner movie, and;
  3. Create a layer. Add a 2 Row 1 Column table.
  4. Add the banner.gif picture to the first row. find this in the images/titles folder.
  5. Colour the background of the second row RED. Add the text. Change the font to Verdana and the font colour to white.
  6. Use the Property Inspector to format your table: 0 for the border. Cell Spacing and Cell Padding leave blank.
  7. Save your work and Preview the page.




More text and pictures.

Adding More Pictures and Text. Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Watch the movie on Adding More Pictures & Text.
  2. Create a layer and add text from the potter_text.rtf file in the text_files folder, and;
  3. Create another layer and add fire1.jpg from the images/Goblet folder,
  4. Save your work and preview pressing F12.








What you have to do!

  1. Add a banner ot the Goble_of fire.html page.
  2. Create 2 layers and add text to one and a picture in the other.
  3. Save your work.
  4. Tick off your Progress Grids.


Mark off Task 6 your progress grids.


What you should now be able to do!


Continue to Exercise 7: More tables and formatting.


Preview Completed Pages

Goblet of Fire
Lord of the Rings
King Kong


Widget Examples

Where In the World am I


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