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7. Adding More Tables.


These exercises are all concerned with using tables to help layout pictures and information correctly lined up and neatly on the page.





Adding More Tables


Adding More Tables! Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Open Goblet_of_fire.htm by double clicking on the title in the file tree.
  2. Watch the Adding More Tables movie, and;
  3. Follow the steps to create a table.
  4. Insert the pictures of actors from the images/Goblet folder into the second row of the table.
  5. Insert the cast.gif from the images/titles folder.
  6. Add the names of the actors and the characters they play in the third row of the table.
  7. Save your work and Preview the page.







More Formatting Text in Tables.

Formatting & Aligning Text. Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Watch the movie on Formatting & aligning Text.
  2. Change the fornt type, font colour and font alignment.
  3. Save your work and preview pressing F12.










What you have to do!

  1. Change the font type to Verdana..
  2. Align the text to centre of the columns.
  3. Change the font colour of the character names to red.
  4. Tick off your Progress Grids.


Mark off Task 7 your progress grids.


What you should now be able to do!


Continue to Exercise 8: Adding External Hyperlinks.


Preview Completed Pages

Goblet of Fire
Lord of the Rings
King Kong


Widget Examples

Where In the World am I


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