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5. Adding Hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks are links that when clicked on, transfer the user to other pages.

Hyperlinks can be made from:

  1. Text; or,
  2. Pictures.



Adding an Internal Hyperlink


Adding Internal Hyperlinks! Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Open index.htm by double clicking on the title in the file tree.
  2. Watch the Adding Internal Hyperlinks movie and follow the steps to add hyperlinks to both
    1. the text.
    2. the cover picture
  3. Save your work
  4. Test the links - Check the page title. Don't worry if you can't see anything, nothing has been added to the page yet.
  5. Repeat the steps for the remaining film titles and film picture covers: Don't forget to test each link.


What you have to do!

  1. Add a hyperlink to each of the text film titles in the table..
  2. Add a hyperlink to each of the film covers in the table.
  3. Check that each of your hyperlinks work correctly.
  4. Save your work.
  5. Tick off your Progress Grids.


Mark off Task 5 your progress grids.


What you should now be able to do!


Continue to Exercise 6: More Text & Pictures.


Preview Completed Pages

Goblet of Fire
Lord of the Rings
King Kong


Widget Examples

Where In the World am I


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