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2. Adding Flash & Pictures.

Web Pages are very flexible. They can contain:-

This exercise concentrates on showing you how to add Flash Animation and pictures. We will also cover how to name your pages and show how you can preview your pages in a browser.

Importantly, we also show you how to save your work.



Adding Flash Animation

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Get Adobe Flash player

Adding Flash Animation! Click to Go Larger Screen


  1. Open index.htm by double clicking on the title in the file tree.
  2. Watch the Adding Flash Animation movie.
  3. Follow the steps to create a layer and add the banner.swf flash animation.
  4. Save your work.
  5. Change the Preview Browser settings in Dreamweaver and press F12 on your keyboard to preview the page.

To see the effect of any changes click the button to see how to set up Chrome as the default browser.





Adding Pictures

Pictures can make web sites much more interesting for visitors to your website. However they have to match the subject of the page.

In choosing pictures, you have to consider your audience - who's going to visit your website - And you also have to be careful not to go over the the top and make your page all about pictures.

Adding Pictures to Pages. Click to Go Larger Screen

Inserting Pictures

  1. Watch the movie on Adding Pictures to Pages and follow the steps to place a picture on the web page.
  2. Save your work.
  3. Preview your work by pressing F12.


Your teacher has access to a digital camera. Ask to use it and get your own picture on the page. Or if don't want to do this use my_picture.jpg which is provided for you.





What you have to do!

  1. Insert a animated flash banner in a layer on the page.
  2. Get someone to take a photo of you and place this in a new layer on the page.
  3. Name your page.
  4. Save your work.
  5. Tick off your Progress Grids.


Mark off Task 2 your progress grids.


What you should now be able to do!


Continue to Exercise 3: Adding Text to your pages.


Preview Completed Pages

Goblet of Fire
Lord of the Rings
King Kong


Widget Examples

Where In the World am I


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