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9. Using Action Settings.

Lots to do in this section!

Much of this presentation runs automatically. However, on the home page the person viewing the presentation should be able to pick the character they want to see details of.

This uses action settings on a picture or text that can then be clicked (or have the mouse move over it) to move to another area of the presentation.

Play this video
Action Settings! Go Full Screen to see in greater detail?

View the Movie to see how to set action settings.


Many of the movies have been made on an Apple Computer. PowerPoint on a PC is a little different.

But placing action settings on pictures and text can be achieved in more or less the same way.





What you have to do!

  1. Set up action settings on each each characters head, so that when the user clicks on it, the program transfers the user to that slide.
  2. From the Titles folder
    1. Add a title to each characters slide. An example of Homer's title is shown below.
    2. Animate each title. You can choose an an animation effect of your own.
    3. The animation is to begin automatically once the user has arrived at the slide. How Do you think you are going to do this?

  3. On your Homer page, insert a text box containing the following:-
    1. Animate the text to play as soon as the final photo frame of Homer appears on the page (the teacher’s example at the start used the Preset Animation Typewriter).

    2. Add and animate a similar text boxes on each of Lisa and Maggie pages. You can choose where the text should go. The text for each is shown below:


Mark Off Exercise 9 in your Progress Grids.



What you should be able to do at the end!


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